When I was 21 my Mum who (behind the huge smiles) was very depressed, took her own life. It was tragic and a shock which sent me into a strange state of emotionless functionality.

At her funeral ‘after party’ my Sister and I got up and sang our hearts out, backed by musicians Mum had worked with over the years. When we’d finished, I put the microphone down, walked off stage and shut my musical door. I simply could not sing from that day.

So I spent over a decade co-founding and running a London-based party called Planet Angel and it's family-friendly sister event Planet Angel *Chilled*, which became a great success, filled with talented, creative people, a positive space where people could follow their dreams of becoming an artist or performer and truly shine!

Seven years after Mum died I started to feel the urge to sing again. It became pretty strong, I wanted to exercise a part of my soul that really needed to be free.

I picked up the guitar for the first time. I learnt a few chords, learnt a few songs.  I began writing my own songs  – authentic, beautiful songs full of emotion and honesty which lead me step by step through the process of unlocking my musical door and finding my voice.

Over time I formed relationships with other talented musicians* who accompanied me in and around London at various venues and festivals including the famous Troubadour in Earls Court , the Original Songwriters Club in Bethnal Green, Spitafields City Farm Strawberry Fayre, Chilled in a field festival, The Elysian Project indoor festival, Small World festival, and many more.

I took a step back from music for a while to grow my own young family. In that time I have become fascinated by the psychology of childhood and parenthood, inspired by my own childhood experiences. I gained an insight into why music means so much to me and why I care so much about being a parent, about children, and making sure children avoid trauma and stress in childhood. 

I have just finished three years at university as a mature student, gaining a first class Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Studies, drawing on scholarship in anthropology, economics, history and sociology of childhood, literature, religion, philosophy and psychology. I have felt my grey matter stretch and expand as I worked to get my head around it all.

Now, it's time to allow all of the life-changing information and knowledge I acquired during my studies to sink in, and inspire my songwriting!




* Special thanks to the very talented Colin Farley, Kait Farbon, Dawn James, Becky Dell, Emma Benwell, Szymon Iwanski and Sara Fish for giving me the support, strength and encouragement to continue with my musical journey thus far...