Humanity... the light and the dark

The current news story regarding Trump's separation of children from their immigrant parents is shocking.

Trump has been so focused on his "zero tolerance" protection of American borders, that he has separated parents from their children, including infants and toddlers, so that the adults can be prosecuted and the children taken to detention centers. These children, many of whom are already fleeing disturbing trauma, are now living a terrifying nightmare, removed from the safe attachment figures they would turn to for comfort and reassurance... and placed in the care of staff who are not allowed to touch or comfort them. 

Then, due to administrative failures, children have been 'lost', parents have been deported without their children, who remain in care, with no way of being reunited. This kind of psychological trauma and toxic stress is hugely damaging.

Watch out Trump, in ten to fifteen years you will have a new lot of angry damaged youth just ripe for radicalization. Don't look surprised and hurt when you're on the receiving end of terrorist attacks, look back into your giant failure of a presidency, your damaging, cruel, badly thought out, selfish policies, and your inability to feel compassion and empathy.

But, looking for the silver lining... I am again proud of my fellow compassionate humans for making sure this news is public, for finding the time to write incredibly well-thought out, well-argued, well-evidenced articles, such as this one from Parenting Science, which spells out very clearly exactly how and why this is so damaging to the children involved: