A non-perfect Mothers day

Today I have been both spoiled and tested by my younglings, with handmade gifts full of love, a long lie in, breakfast in bed, and several episodes of challenging behavior. 

During the most epic of meltdowns I reminded myself that just because the consumerist world labelled this day special, doesn’t mean young children can put their feelings on hold, or fast forward through these phases of development, lack of impulse control and emotional regulation.

Just because it’s supposed to be my day, doesn’t mean they can’t have feelings and needs today too.

Just because I deserve it, doesn’t mean they have the capacity to give it.

I wanted to share this because it is easy for our social media feeds to become highlights and show reels for all our best bits.  But the truth is, life can be messy, demanding, exhausting and sometimes thankless… even on the most special of days.

There’s no such thing as the perfect day.  Us humans, whether young or old… we clash, and we unite, we give and we taketh away, we love and we fury.

Happy mother’s day to all of the women who have played a part in raising the next generation, whether related by blood or by love.

And to all the people who have mothers… whether in life or in spirit.

And especially to those who did not have a perfect day.

Here’s to a perfectly non-perfect day… and to that being perfectly OK xx

Photo by Otterway photography

Photo by Otterway photography

Angel Mawlabaux